Got my Tap

In the Black Friday sale to go with my echo and it’s now sitting at my bedside. You do need a bluetooth or wired speaker unless you want rather tinny sound (fine for alarms etc).

It’s great!


Amazon Echo as a Baby Monitor

This idea is a variation of a previous idea… using Amazon Echo as an intercom. This one would be super simple to implement. All you need is an Amazon Echo in the baby’s room to pick up the sound, and you can listen from a second one in your own bedroom or from the Amazon Echo App.

Source: Amazon Echo as a Baby Monitor – Idea of the Day – A new idea each day. Some Don’t Suck!

This is a fantastic idea. Just needs an Echo + Tap.


Amazon Echo is coming to the UK!

Confirmed in this morning’s press conference.

It will cost £149.99. Echo dot will be £49.99.

The speakers, equipped with Amazon’s “Alexa” assistant AI, will go up for pre-order later today ahead of the September 28 launch date for the Echo. The Echo Dot will arrive October 20, and both speakers will be available in a new white color option.”

Also Prime pre-orders in the next 2 days will be £50 off. So if you aren’t a prime member, sign up below:

Update: now available for pre-order on! Direct links below:

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