Match of the Day on Echo

“Alexa, when’s match of the day on?” and she even asks if you want a reminder just before!

Latest things to do with Alexa November 2018

“Alexa, tell me a waiter, waiter joke.” “Alexa, why is it called ‘toad in the hole’?” “Alexa, turn on the living room lights.” Add your Echo device to a Smart Home Group with other smart devices (e.g. your living room lights) so that Alexa can control them as a single

Amazon slot types very restricted in UK

Part of developing Alexa skills involves slots. These are broadly speaking categories of words that Amazon recognizes. Even though Amazon have recently added some new slot types to the UK, we are still a long way behind the US. Specifically, I’m working on a skill that will allow you to

Ask Alexa for weather forecast at a certain time

“Alexa, what’s the weather at 7 p.m.?”  

Echo Spot is being launched in the UK

January 24th – £120

How to listen to Magic FM (UK) on Alexa

When I say “Alexa, play Magic FM” and what I want is Magic 105.4 FM I get a Spanish station! The magic phrase you want is “Alexa, play Magic Radio UK“. You might also want to try: “Alexa, play Mellow Magic” “Alexa, play Magic Chilled”

NOW available on UK Alexa

These key Alexa abilities wereunavailable on the UK Echo, but as of 8 March 2018 they all are now: Multi-room audio – correction: this IS available. Thanks Amazon! Alexa Calling & Messaging – update: now available “Proper” Harmony Skill – update: now available Echo Show not available in UK – update: now

How to get Absolute 80s on the Echo

You need to add the RadioPlayer Skill “Alexa, enable Radioplayer” then “Alexa, ask Radioplayer to play Absolute 80s” as it doesn’t seem to be available on TuneIn

Alexa skill of the day – “What’s up”

“Alexa, what’s up?”  

Alexa skill of the day – Christmas

“Alexa, sing a Christmas song”  

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